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The Pioneer Organization

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O.H's Message is a contracted direct marketing company of Appco Group India,

It gives me great pleasure to look at The Pioneer Organization today and at the people and Business Heads that have made it what it is.

The Pioneer Organization spans across India as one of the countries most dynamic marketing organizations. Our ever expanding network of offices is continually creating new opportunities for our people, our clients and our customers. This has only been achieved through our hard work and understanding of the common goals that are an integral part of our organization.

From the very beginning, I had a clear understanding of where I would like the company to be in the future, a major enterprise that would be forever driven by individual achievement and governed by a common goal to develop long term, successful partnerships with our people and our clients. I also know that I could not reach these objectives on my own and it is through this realization that many of the basic principles seen in the organization were developed.

I understood that before an organization of this size could be created, there were many skills that I would need to develop within myself and the organization. I have worked extremely hard to gain these skills, learning from the experiences of those around me as well as from my own successes and failures. Although all of us within the group define success differently, we recognize that our success, however defined can only be achieved collectively.

As we look to the future, our task is to seize opportunities enthusiastically and to continue to expand The Pioneer Organization through the mutual cooperation that has propelled us thus far.

We believe in quality and we believe in investing in our people. Our fundamental belief is that people make up an organization. This vision has enabled us to grow in India phenomenally and our expansion plans continue.

I would like to thank all those who have been involved in the success of The Pioneer Organization till date and I welcome everyone to the Indian Opportunity.

Kishore Tarachandani

Organizational Head
The Pioneer Organization

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